BevBright™ High Efficiency Beverage Filter - 1 Micron

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BevBright™ High Efficiency Beverage Filter - 1 Micron
Clear beer & wine wins awards and impresses those we share it with. BevBrightCartridge Filters are an inexpensive, easy to use, and effective filtration media.
BevBrightis the first high-efficiency, multi-zoned, disposable cartridge filter available in the Homebrewing & Winemaking market. Current spun cartridge filters have 60-80% efficiency ratings, meaning they let a lot of the material at their given micron rating pass right through the filter. BevBright'sleast efficient filter boasts a 90% rating, and they only get better from there!
The multi-zoned construction weaves coarser fibers on the outside of the cartridge and finer fibers on the inside. This approach allows the surface of the filter to catch a lot of the larger sediment and the interior to perform the "actual filtration." The net effect? It takes a lot longer for these filters to clog up and virtually eliminates the risk of blow-by.
And perhaps the best feature of all: These filters are so affordable!